Oh hi. I created this thing — bemto — some mixins for Jade that makes it easy and fun to write the code in BEM notation.

I really love writing code in bem style and really like Jade, so I though that adding some bem to Jade would be a great little thing that at least I would use a lot. And I hope that it would be helpful to someone else too.

If you hadn’t already read the articles on BEM on SM, or Nicolas Gallaghar’s article on front-end architecture, — go for it! Those articles explain some great ways to write extendable and mainainable code.

And Jade is the template engine heavily influenced by Haml by TJ Holowaychuk.

Long story short: read the readme of the project for more details. Especially look at the extended use-case — it shows how you can use bemto to create reusable and easy-to-use blocks.

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