Hello! As I wrote in a post on the relaunch of my site, the main goal for the new version was to ease the process of adding new entries. However, beyond the technical side I completely forgot about what exactly I wanted to write in that easy and simple way.

Until today everything I published on my site could be divided to two categories: issues and experiments. In “issues” I tried to publish mostly objective things with all the proper arguments and thoughts went through a lot of thinking. Maybe those things could be called “articles”, but I don’t like this word. In “experiments”went all those things like prototypes for different interesting things, made mostly just for fun, not as production solutions, almost without any descriptions whatsoever. While now I see a bit of sense in describing things (like I did with my experiment on rotated text), I still don’t like the style of step-by-step tutorials that describe every letter here and there. So, those things I publish as “experiments” couldn’t go into “issues”.

So, why did I made it easy to write posts for my site? It’s because I wanted to write more often. Not to publish articles or experiments (not that often for those), but to maintain a blog. Not to post objective, complicated things, not for some weird experiments with hardcore code, but to have a platform where I could share something simple, something casual maybe. Simple ideas, thoughts, critics for stuff that’s going on in the today’s frontend world.

When it was hard to publish a new post on a site I didn’t thought of it as a blog, but then I came to it and remade my site from scratch, but in a process I, again, forgot why I did all those things to Jekyll and myself — forgot that I wanted it there for the short and simple posts. So, after the relaunch of a site there were not that much of new posts, but at the same time there were a lot of drafts and sketches for them. I forgot that you could post things not polished to the shining, but short, rough and unfinished posts (and I’ll complete all those drafts and publish them someday, but I won’t haste myself and would do it properly, without a hard schedule).

And now I remembered about all those thing, and here it is — blog — a new category on my site. Well, “category” is a strong word here, it’s just a way to cheat on myself and make me to write those not-so-long things. The fact is all those posts would still go to RSS, I still would share them on mastodon, so nothing new there for you, except all those posts I’ll write actually.

So, hooray, here it is, a blog. I’ll try to post here some stupid things often :)

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