ew Blog: blog.kizu.dev

I did create a new work-in-progress blog where I would post random things. I wanted to create a more personal space for a while, and it would allow me to separate less polished posts from the elaborate articles on my main site.

Here is the URL: https://blog.kizu.dev.

And the first article: Not an Ideal Start.

hy a New Blog?

After a long period of not posting anything new on this site, I did write a few rather lengthy texts about CSS. In fact, in a month, I did write 4 articles, which is the longest streak recorded here! Here they are:

I did spend a lot of time researching and polishing these articles: I think I managed to come up with a good workflow for them. However, note how I’m using the word “articles”. A long time ago, I started this site as my blog, but what I write here now seems to be less of a log of what I’m doing and more of well-researched texts with live examples. This is not really a blog now.

Most of what people used to share over their blogs moved to social networks, and recently I had some fun sharing small messages over at Mastodon. But I noticed that sometimes I want to write more, on various topics.

That’s where my new blog would come in handy — I can have a separate, more personal space where I can share whatever I want without it getting in the way of my more serious articles.

I’m starting from scratch, and would work on this new blog iteratively, allowing me to experiment with the new technologies and modern ways to write CSS much easier. Oh the things I’m planning to try!

Of course, initially, the blog would still be a bit on the technical side — after all, I would write about how I’m developing that same blog there. But I would also write about more general topics and will try to widen what I write about a bit.


One of the things that gave me an additional push to start this new blog — a CSSDay 2023 talk by Sophie Koonin about the personal websites. This is something that I wanted to return to for a while! Hopefully, maybe this would pave the way for other personal projects of mine? We’ll see!

Let me know what you think about this article on Mastodon!